Claim Genius: The Touchless Button for Vehicle Damage Assessments

Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Solution Companies - 2021

Insurance claims and processing management have come a long way in recent years. We are moving toward a future where the insurance industry can finally shed its reputation for foot-dragging with the help of emerging technologies and improved procedures. Acceleration and simplification of claims processing are now directly linked to the power of data. In a digital era, a vast amount of data is generated at every stage of the process. Data from connected devices allow insurers to know their customers on a deeper level with more accurate personal information, which can help create powerful bonds and add an element of customization to insurance that has long been lacking. Insurers can also more easily detect fraud, recommend personalized products, and create more accurate estimates.

Customers expect quick and efficient service in today's busy world, and insurance companies need to be up to the task. Insurance companies that still rely on manual processes, paper documentation, and telephone calls for claim processes are risking their customers in the process. In addition, the significant improvements in payment technologies have added pressure on insurance companies to speed up their claims processes.

With new technologies emerging each day, the claims and processing management segment will become more competitive. To simplify and assist CIOs in identifying the right Claims Processing and Management Solution Providers, Insurance CIO Outlook presents "Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Solution Providers - 2021."

A distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts, and the Insurance CIO Outlook editorial board has selected the top Claims Processing and Management Solution Providers. In our selection process, we looked at the company's offerings, core competency, news/press releases, client testimonials, milestones, and other recognition.

    Top Claims Processing and Management Solution Companies

  • Claim Genius is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology startup company with a niche in image analytics. Claim Genius’s flagship claim estimation system for carriers uses the latest AI technology to make instant decisions on total loss and damage estimates based on photos and videos uploaded from Claim Genius’s self-guided Genius app. The system is ideal for auto insurance carriers since it does away with the rigorous and time-consuming minutia of in-person inspection, offering instead an easy-to-integrate application that can be white-labeled. The app is also multi-language compatible, available globally today across numerous different countries for different carriers.

  • Quick Silver Systems offers the Mercury Policy and Claims Administration System, an end-to-end policy and claims offering for the P&C Insurance Industry. The company has developed the Mercury Policy Administration System – an end-to-end modular P&C Insurance processing solution, designed to incorporate disparate data sources very easily

  • Resilience offers a fresh approach to the middle market in cyber insurance backed by A+ rated carrier and an in-house claims team

  • Offers a cloud-based SaaS application to automate and streamline claims processes in the insurance industry

  • Acrometis


    The company offers a complete and automated claim processing platform and rules-based family of solutions

  • CoventBridge


    CoventBridge Group is the leading worldwide full service investigation solutions company providing: Surveillance, SIU and Compliance, Claims Investigation, Counter-Fraud Programs, Desktop Investigations, Social Media, Record Retrieval, Canvasses and Vendor Management program

  • Guidewire Software

    Guidewire Software

    Resolve claims faster, exceed customer expectations, and ignite innovation with the P&C industry’s most trusted claims management system

  • JW Software

    JW Software

    JW Software’s focus is to put all claims-related data at the users’ fingertips, supporting insurance organizations to manage claims faster

  • Mitchell International

    Mitchell International

    Mitchell simplifies and accelerates claims management and collision repair processes through the broadest range of technology solutions, networks, and partners in the P&C industry

  • Virtual Benefits Administrator

    Virtual Benefits Administrator

    Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA) is a proactive, leading-edge software design company providing custom solutions to the insurance industry. In addition to VBASoftware (the core admin platform) and VBAGateway (the self-service portal), the company has developed new products and improved upon its existing suite of solutions. Armed by these solutions, clients engaging with VBA could potentially check all of the items on the requirements list without approaching multiple vendors for discrete integration capabilities.