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Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Solutions Companies - 2018

Today's digitally globalized and interconnected insurance industry is capable of delivering faster and easier claims processing and management alongside more responsive customer engagement and additional operating efficiencies. The rising population, new businesses, and governmental infrastructure investment are all stimulating insurance industry growth which in turn is creating a greater need for insurance claims processing and management solutions.

Solution providers are harnessing next-generation technology, structured approaches, and their skills and experience to better enable insurers to respond to rapidly-evolving claim situations across the claims process life cycle. The application of IoT, wearable devices, drones, auto appraisals, customer video chats, and bots in the industry is helping understand the dynamics of the market, providing real-time insight into risks and imminent trends to maneuver and manage claims situations. Advanced analytics, data mining, rule-based engines, social network behavior analysis, and robust fraud detection components address each aspect of large, complex, and rapidly evolving claims cases. Providers are also collaborating with specialists in related disciplines such as insurance and tax, and industry-specific expertise in manufacturing, pharmaceutical, financial, and governmental services to enhance their claims solutions.

A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the magazine's editorial board has selected a list of the top companies offering claims processing and management solutions. These companies leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance carriers' ability to keep pace with the speed of innovation in claims technology, smooth out fluctuations in claims volume, and respond to the legal and regulatory requirements associated with large-scale claim cases. We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook’s "Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Solution Providers – 2018."

    Top Claims Processing and Management Solutions Companies

  • Innovations to help vehicle insurance providers strengthen their businesses and create stronger, lasting connections with their customers

  • Provides claims management platforms to the insurance industry and helps them to effectively manage policies and insurance claims

  • Napersoft is a leading provider of Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions

  • Provides open source software products and consulting services to maximize their ECM investment

  • The company provides leading-edge cloud-based benefits administration solution that delivers value over complexity

  • Accurence


    Provides software for property insurance claims adjusters and roofing contractors to drive significant gains in accuracy, efficiency, consistency, and intelligence in property claims settlement

  • JDI Data

    JDI Data

    Provides cutting-edge solutions and reduces the room for error by streamlining the channel between the FNOL and the closing of a claim

  • Merimen


    Provides end-to-end integrated engine designed to communicate, transact, manage and process all claims-related activities

  • Octo


    Octo offers a platform that reduces claim frequency and increases profitability

  • Origami Risk

    Origami Risk

    Offers end-to-end claims management solution that consolidates all claims data regardless of line of coverage; improves workflow processes; and enables advanced analytics