Virtual Benefits Administrator: Unique Benefits Administration Solution

“As technology continues to advance and improve, resistance to change is the biggest challenge among healthcare organizations,” begins Tom Witter, President of Virtual Benefits Administrator (VBA). “To address these requirements in the ever changing healthcare arena, we focus our software development process on continuous improvement,” adds Witter. This empowers customers to shift their attention on their business strategy and growth while streamlining their workflow. VBA is a pro-active, leading edge cloud-based medical claims adjudication and administrative software platform, performing real time functions including claims payments. The company’s mission of providing Flexibility, Functionality, and Technology for their clients’ business solutions ensures they optimize their daily business processes and deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction.

VBA engineers their software offering following agile development methodologies, which enable them to rapidly deploy updates to the software while maintaining the highest levels of quality. “The open architecture and technology of VBA allows our engineers to create modifications and enhancements designed to specifically fit any organization, quickly and cost effectively,” adds Witter. VBA encompasses all aspects of administration on a single, easy-to-use application, accessible anywhere, any time. Built from the ground up, the VBA application leverages latest smart-client technologies, focusing on the customer through a dynamic user-friendly solution. “Users can steer through the system with configurable hyperlinks and navigation options that maximize the effectiveness. The customers can configure workflow and security according to their needs without custom changes to the software,” explains Witter.

The company’s VBAGateway— an enterprise web application—has been designed with a focus on user engagement while sticking with the core VBA philosophy of flexibility, functionality, and technology. User engagement is accomplished through a combination of user experience, real-time administrative communication, and gamification. With VBAGateway, an administrator can experience real, tangible savings allowing for more flexibility in pricing and product offerings. Ultimately, this self-service offering provides the administrator with the tools necessary to better support their clients.

The benefits being offered by VBA Application and VBAGateway web portal are unparalleled in the marketplace

Through VBA Real Time Claims Payment service, VBA can receive a clean medical claim submitted via HIPAA compliant 837 format, auto-adjudicate the same, determine if it is payable, and pay it electronically instantly with no manual intervention. “For example, providers can have the money in their bank account before the patient’s car leaves the parking lot,” elucidates Witter. The company differentiates themselves through their common architecture for all benefit administration including Medical, Dental, Vision, and Long Term Care as well as all forms of reimbursement accounts including FSA, HSA, HRA, and COBRA. “This eliminates the unnecessary software expenses,” adds Witter.

J.P. Farley Corporation a privately-held third-party administration and consultation firm communicated their frustration to VBA regarding their existing software and need for a robust and flexible solution that could accommodate a large, new client. They implemented VBA cloud-based administration software paired with VBA Business and IT Services. Utilizing VBA, the client was able to benefit in a number of ways including modern, user-friendly, cloud-based solution that provided vastly superior customer service and the ability to comply with state CMS filing and encounter reporting.

Today, VBA is rapidly expanding their awareness in the U.S. Healthcare delivery model through interest from Healthcare Payers currently using legacy systems with outdated technology. The company will continue to expand their scope of services through SCRUM Development and requests from clients. “The benefits being offered by VBA Application and VBAGateway web portal are unparalleled in the marketplace,” concludes Witter.